For Parents

Parents, have peace of mind.

For the last-minuters
For those last-minute events or spontaneous moments, you can find all available childcare providers in a snap.

For the do-it-all-parents

Tomorrow is a busy day that just go busier, and grandma can’t help out. Maybe one child is sick and you’re trying to keep your other kiddo from catching it too. Whatever you are trying to fit into your day, Kinderdrop is there to ensure your kids are always getting the best care, no matter how busy life gets.

For those on-the-go

Our app is simple and easy-to-use. Sign-up and registration is done right through the app and from there you can find all available childcare services with one tap.

For the worriers

Your child’s safety comes first. We screen all our daycare providers so that your child gets the best care possible and you get peace of mind.

Refer a Friend

At Kinderdrop, we know how much our kids love their friends. Well, we think that parent friendships need some love too! When you refer a friend to Kinderdrop, you'll both receive a $20 credit that will be applied to each of your accounts. This credit can only be applied to invitees that are new to Kinderdrop, and will take affect at the same time as the invitees first Kinderdrop visit. We are super close to going live with Kinderdrop so register today to get first access to the daycare portal! Make your life easier while ensuring the best care and safety of your child.