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Kinderdrop for Daycares

A full house is a fun house
When you have spots available, you can fill them quickly. You’ll never have a dull moment, and by maximizing your efficiency you’re ensuring that resources are well-used. And it never hurts to add to the bottom line.

It’s easy-peasy
The app is simple and easy-to-use. Upon completion of your registration, you can list your available spots in real time. Because you never know when someone will knock on your door.

Meet new friends
Meet new clientele and kids from your neighbourhood and build your client base while establishing your reputation as a reliable daycare provider. Also, by helping out local parents who aren’t regulars on the daycare scene, you’re expanding your community of referrals and getting your name out in a positive way. There isn't a better form of marketing than word of mouth.

Register for Kinderdrop

We are super close to going live with Kinderdrop. Register today to get first access to the daycare portal. Here you will be able to give parents information on when your daycare is available, with how many spots, the times available, and for how long. Drive new revenue, create new growth!